The Products

What It Takes To Make A Final Product

For every product created, a base is required to make the final product that is shipped to you. The products used by The Naked Bike are chosen for quality and reliability and location of the supplier. 

Vinyl Stickers

The chosen medium for the in-house made vinyl stickers is Metamark supplied by our Aussie distributor and made in the United Kingdom. Metamark has a brilliant colour range and long lasting vibrancy suited for the Australian sun. We take this vinyl and make our huge sticker range as you order. Handmade just for you!

Apparel, Homeware, Gifts

We partner with printing manufacturers to create your garment or homeware item as ordered. This helps waste of unsold products that go to landfill. Printing on demand is revolutionising the world of apparel and we are proud to partner with a worldwide company creating quality designs for you.