The Products

What It Takes To Make A Final Product

For every product created, a base is required to make the final product that is shipped to you. The products used by The Naked Bike are chosen for quality and reliability and location of the supplier. 

Vinyl Stickers

The chosen medium for the in-house made vinyl stickers is Metamark supplied by our Aussie distributor and made in the United Kingdom. Metamark has a brilliant colour range and long lasting vibrancy suited for the Australian sun. 


The chosen medium for garment vinyl is Siser Italy, the world's leading manufacturer innovative thermo-transfer materials for textiles. The product used is designed specifically for garment application. Colours range from the basics to metallics, fluros and electric - something that is just not possible in direct to garment printing methods.

The chosen company for t-shirts and hoodies is Ramo Clothing. Ramo, established in 1997, is a top quality blank clothing producer and manufacturer with their warehouse based in Australia. The chosen product style is a heavier weight, true to size garment, perfect for design application. 

Being a small business, holding every style and colour of garment is not possible however, if you would prefer a colour shirt or hoodie that is not offered in the product listing, this can be accommodated in most cases. 


When a design is colourful and detailed, sometimes it requires printing not cutting. In this case, help is sourced from a Brisbane based company. The design is sent and it is sent back ready to apply to our garment in the form of a colour rich transfer. The Naked Bike logo merchandise is produced in this way.